Community Wealth Fund Alliance

Community Wealth Fund Alliance - Local Trust

Community Wealth Fund Alliance – Local Trust


The Community Wealth Fund Alliance (CWFA) is a group of over 390, mostly civil society, organisations calling for the establishment of a Community Wealth Fund to invest in the most ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods. Research suggests that there is an urgent need for funding to improve social infrastructure including transport and digital connectivity in these neighbourhoods in order to improve their prospects. A Community Wealth Fund would provide this vital funding.


The Fund would be a new independent endowment with distribution guided by the following principles:


  • provision of long-term funding (10 -15 years)
  • investment at the hyper-local level (directly to communities of c.3,000 – 10,000 residents)
  • community-led decision making
  • appropriate support provided to build community confidence and capacity.

Distribution along these lines would support the development of economic and social capital in these areas whilst giving power back to communities who have felt disenfranchised.